Sustainability & Social Impact

How we
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  • Sustainability narrative

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) commitment communications

  • Sustainability report development

  • Partnership outreach, management and amplification

How we contributed to a better future

Golden Agri-Resources (GAR)

Changing perceptions through purpose communications


Palm oil is a controversial yet extraordinary crop. Negative perception of the industry has led consumers to demand alternatives and governments to place restrictions on the industry. To improve freedom to operate and build stronger corporate reputation, GAR needed to change mindsets and establish themselves as a sustainable, purpose-driven organisation.


Spurwing developed a multi-channel, multi-audience campaign that would connect consumers, Governments and media to real people behind sustainable palm oil and build recognition for GAR’s purpose.

We reframed the palm oil narrative through a suite of key messaging documents focusing around the stories of real individuals. A steady drumbeat of tailored content also brought GARs audience on a purpose journey.


3 million readers and viewers reached

350,000 impressions made with Government and business leaders alone

143,101 impressions on LinkedIn

496,300 viewers of a Tweetchat, which was displayed 10.3 million times

Featured on CNA News Now – shared with over 2 million regional viewers

34% increase in Twitter followers, 12% increase in LinkedIn followers and 53% increase in Instagram followers

57% total increase in campaign engagement