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Roche Pharmaceuticals

Integrated communications to drive awareness of the flu


Singaporeans couldn’t tell the difference between the flu and cold symptoms. And flu as a disease is often trivialised resulting to low presentation at clinics. Roche wanted to educate Singaporeans on the hard facts about flu so they can talk to their doctors about proper treatment.


We devised a 360 creative campaign that engaged Singaporeans with ‘the flu is not a cold’ message. Dubbed the ‘Conflusion’ campaign and supported by engaging visuals, we used influencers as a channel to highlight the differences between the symptoms of the flu and a cold. On-ground, we placed high-impact out-of-home educational materials while strategic digital and broadcast media outreach and partnerships amplified our campaign message.


53% engagement rate from influencer campaign

23 million people reached through out-of-home activation

70% of our target audience reached through media engagement

6 million readers combined reach from earned and paid media engagement