Tips for hosting a successful advisory board from our Med Comms experts

We’ve worked on several Advisory Boards (ad boards) in July, and there is certainly a knack to putting the right group of experts together. Ad boards are a valuable tool to gather practical insights from industry experts on how to approach critical issues. The consulted group of advisors help to navigate through challenges and uncertainties, steering a company in the best strategic direction.

Keep reading for the must-haves when it comes to organising a successful ad board.

  • Comprehensive pre work – prepared advisors are more engaged and productive contributors

    Provide advisors with written background information that clearly states the purpose of the advisory board and why you want their input. In addition, conducting briefing calls with advisors gives them the opportunity to ask questions to get clarity on your expectation of their contribution ahead of the meeting

  • It’s your job to set the scene – do your research to carve out the scope of the discussion

    As tempting as it may be, don’t jump straight into the issue – set the scene, tell an informative story that starts from a wider landscape and clearly leads the contributors into your discussion topic.

  • Advisors that complement each other – an advisory board’s success is largely dependent on bringing together the right mix of participants

    Select panelists based on compatibility rather than individual renown. Well-known experts can bring a lot of value, but only if every member’s insights are heard. An industry heavyweight who dominates the discussion might overshadow the voices of other experts.

  • A balanced meeting agenda

    No one likes an ad board that overwhelms with too much information, only to leave little time for the discussion itself. Tailor the amount of information shared and prioritise valuable discussion time to ensure all contributors have the opportunity to offer their thoughts.

  • Transform the recommendations into actionable next steps

    This is where having a skilled moderator who is well versed in the subject matter is crucial. As the discussion unfolds, it is important that the discussion of each topic concludes with a motion to address the issue at hand.

  • Timely follow up – let them know how their input had an impact

    Advisors like to know how their input was used. Provide a timely summary of what was discussed and how the recommendations will be implemented into the businesses strategy going forward.

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