From complex to compelling: telling stories from the field

Pak Sulaiman is a coffee farmer from the province of Lampung in Indonesia. Producing a consistent, quality supply of coffee used to be a problem for him. Today, he is part of a programme led by industry and government experts which provides support and training on sustainable farming practices. Since joining the programme, his yield and income have improved exponentially.

Storytelling is a powerful tool that can help businesses translate complex strategy into something their audience understands. The challenge is often finding the stories in the first place – they may be in a field in Lampung.

I was recently invited by one of our clients, Grow Asia, to visit a sustainable coffee project led by Nestlé Indonesia and supported by Grow Asia. As their communications partner we know how important it is to get out to the field – it allows us to capture stories from the ground, like Pak Sulaiman’s, and connect their audience with the impact the work is having.

During the field trip we visited a farmer training school, a coffee plantation and bean processing facilities. I learned how the initiative has provided training and support for over 20,000 Indonesian smallholder farmers, including Pak Sulaiman and his community. The effects are far more wide-reaching, however.

Pak Sulaiman told us that having access to market information and a guaranteed buyer has given him the confidence to make long-term investments in his farm. The result is a stronger supply chain, sustainable practices and happier farmers.

At Spurwing, we believe that good business storytelling transforms the complex into the compelling. It helps messages stick, engages stakeholders, builds confidence in an organisation’s approach and inspires change. We also believe that finding the best stories comes from experience and from real people. This is why we work alongside our clients, be it in the field or the boardroom, to find and tell the stories that matter.

Why not hear from Pak Sulaiman himself? Here is a short video we produced after the field trip to allow him to tell his story.

We are now developing bitesize infographics for Grow Asia’s core case studies to communicate their impact and the role of a multi-stakeholder platform in a very visual, digestible way. To date, we have developed four print-ready digital PDFs – including this Vietnam Coffee case study – which can be deconstructed for social media assets and augment our other communications.

If you would like support finding and telling stories from your organisation, please get in touch – contact and we can explore the power of storytelling together.    

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