The 5 values of Design Thinking

Design is a fast-changing global economy in business. Many businesses and organisations now utilise and embed design into their everyday practices.

Increasingly, design isn’t only appreciated for the visual product that it creates, but how designers approach the process is something that can be applied far more widely. Thinking like a designer can be a great way to help solve complex problems and create more structured strategies. This process is known as Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is made up of 5-stages used by companies and individuals to nurture and develop new ideas:

This method encourages ideation and creation, leading to new solutions that didn’t exist before. The process provides clear steps to be taken in order to bring individuals together in a way that leads to greater creativity and ultimately, better results.

Here are some examples of websites where we have used a Design Thinking approach to improve functionality for users. Using the best solutions to identify the prototyping phase, we also discovered different tracks to resolve different problems and issues:

Advanced MedTech

We created a brand-new website revamp for one of the largest medical device companies in Southeast Asia. We decided to create a modern accessible user interface by using parallax scrolling, this enabled us to show off their latest medical devices interactively from each section of the site.

Grow Asia | CPSA

Our approach was to create a user-friendly website for CPSA members and stakeholders to find the appropriate information that they needed. We kept the top navigation structure minimal throughout to speed up the site processes and improve better user experience.

Design thinking is a human approach to innovation, to build creative ideas that integrate the needs of people.

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