Shaping Asia’s Sustainability Conversation

For decades, 2030 has been forecasted as a make-or-break year for our planet. Environmentalists are warning the world about a catastrophic risk of climate breakdown before this date, and researchers even projected civilisational collapse in 2030. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – our global blueprint for a better future – are also expected to be achieved by 2030.

With this milestone looming and the world facing unprecedented volatility, the 2020s will be a critical time for businesses and individuals to prioritise sustainability and making changes for the greater good.

Turning fear into action

Spurwing recently worked with Forum for the Future to launch its annual Future of Sustainability report – “Driving Systems Change in Turbulent Times” – across Asia Pacific and divert the conversation to action.

The report identifies seven global trends which will play a major role in shaping the 2020s. It calls for long-term, cross-sector collaborations to mitigate the negative impact of these trends. Reaching the decision-makers would be critical in making sure this change happens.

Our team of media consultants worked with influential regional publications, including Eco-Business and The ASEAN Post, to land the message in front of businesses, NGOs, governments and key stakeholders in the sustainability sector.

Coverage and discussions in Asia have focused on issues pertinent to the region – including growing consumerism, plastic pollution, declining biodiversity and digital disruption – highlighting specific steps and shifts in mindsets that can address these challenges and guide sustainable economic growth.

As the clock counts down to 2030, our hope is that business leaders and other change-makers will be equally curious about the sustainability of our planet and embrace the learnings in this report.

Explore the interactive report here.

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