5 sure-fire tips to enhance your presence on LinkedIn

At 590 million global members (and 190 million in Asia Pacific), the opportunities that LinkedIn provides are unparalleled, and it has become increasingly important that your company leverages upon the platform to showcase your brand and leaders as reliable and inspiring. Demonstrating effective thought-leadership has proven successful in increasing authenticity and transparency of organisations, and has resulted in increased awareness among B2B companies. When employees connect with their leaders on LinkedIn, it leads to a 58% likelihood of attracting new talent to the company [1].

But with so many features and a growing membership – how do we ensure your LinkedIn content and engagement strategies don’t get lost in the crowd?

1. Keep your company profiles up-to-date and complete

Brands and individuals that have completed and up-to-date pages are more successful at achieving growth objectives – it is vital to have an updated profile picture, header and relevant information on the ‘About’ section.

Having a profile picture increases your visibility by up to 6 times! This means that potential collaborators, industry leaders and even job-seekers will be able to find your page with ease.

2. Understand the anatomy of an ideal LinkedIn post To ensure that your company update captures attention at a glance – there are a few guidelines that LinkedIn experts recommend. - Keep it to 150 characters or less - Include an interesting insight or statistic in the copy - Images of 1200 x 627 pixels are ideal to accompany posts - Ensure that the post has a clear call-to-action (CTA) All of these elements will come together to build a great LinkedIn post, and a CTA motivates our audience to take a real step towards interacting with the content that we create and publish. For example, a CTA may provide a link to your company website announcing the latest news. In an ideal situation, the audience spends extra time navigating through your website and developing an interest with the work you do.

3. Post consistently to build familiarity While there is no perfect answer when asking “How many times should I post on LinkedIn?”, we estimate posting at least once a day encourages engagement and fosters familiarity. Posting first thing in the morning also creates opportunities for engagement – your audience can interact with our post as they grab their morning coffee or during their lunch break.

4. Explore paid options with LinkedIn Sponsored content on LinkedIn helps companies and individuals reach an audience beyond the company’s page current followers, allowing companies to build relationships, raise awareness and generate more leads. This can be done through two methods: Sponsored posts Engaging in sponsored posts are ideal for generating buzz and building a thought-leadership presence by highlighting your company’s most recent achievements and promoting content which displays insightful industry knowledge. Sponsored posts appear seamlessly within the news feed of a targeted audience, and increases the Click-Through-Rate of content by up to 60%! Sponsored InMail Sponsored InMail is an alternative means of engaging with your targeted audience by having personalised content delivered straight to the inbox of the recipient. Sponsored InMail allows the opportunity to effectively build genuine relationships by being conversational with the information they want to send across. For example, Sponsored InMail is extremely effective when used to encourage targeted individuals to sign up for events, to download a white-paper or to complete a survey, among other tasks.

5. Engage in A/B testing Creating multiple versions of the same advertisement (with minor tweaks in each version) enables you to better understand what content your audience is engaging with. Using LinkedIn’s analytics tool, you can quickly monitor the type of copy and images that attracts your target audience. Understanding user habits and preferences benefit future campaigns, enabling you to ensure that the content shared is consistently effective and reaches the right demographic.

At Spurwing, we understand the importance of leveraging LinkedIn as part of a holistic engagement campaign. As more business-critical conversations are taking place online, we help our clients to cut through the digital noise and stand out from the crowd. If you’d like to see how our team of digital and design-led storytellers can help you and your organisation to build a digital power profile, reach out to us on info@spurwingcomms.com.

[1] LinkedIn Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide – Thought Leadership <Retrieved from: https://business.linkedin.com/content/dam/me/business/en-us/marketing-solutions/cx/2016/pdfs/LNK_SG_ThoughtLeadership_Digital_v04.01.pdf>

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