Can Twitter’s latest pilot feature expand your brand’s reach?

Twitter has introduced a new Notes feature to a select few

The soon-to-be-launched feature allows users to publish long-form content and skirt around the difficulties of following threads – a popular way for Twitter users to navigate the 280-character limit for Tweets.

The Notes feature will allow users to post entire articles of up to 2,500 words with images, videos and GIF’s within a dedicated Notes tab.

Are Twitter notes something you should consider?  

While this feature is currently in its testing phase in limited regions – mainly the United States, Canada, Ghana and the United Kingdom – once launched globally, it may serve to target audiences that want a one-stop platform for all of their short and long-form work. Users do not need to create entire blogs or manage websites dedicated solely to their long-form pieces and they can instead collapse them under the new Notes tab on their Twitter profiles.

Here’s what you should keep in mind if Twitter notes have piqued your interest:

  1. Twitter is a space that generates buzz
    Trending topics build the backbone of Twitter and tapping into its algorithms can generate discussion about your brand and messaging. This can open up avenues for bringing new audiences to your content.
  2. Notes are easier than threads to search, save and edit
    The search-ability of Notes makes them easier to filter and organise, which is helpful when reflecting on pieces that have generated good responses from followers. Notes can also be edited after publishing, allowing users to include key updates within the same stream of content rather than sending out a new tweet.
  3. The human element
    Twitter encourages quick, snappy reactions and short impulsive blurbs in response to events unfolding in real time – Notes could provide more depth and detail to spontaneous stories that leaders may want to share outside of the 280-character limit.


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